“A-PRO”Attorneys at Law


A-PRO is a team of highly experienced attorneys successful in the resolution of conflicts that arise in businesses and business operations.


Our specialists have considerable experience in dealing with governmental bodies and major national commercial institutions including companies in the fuel and energy sector, automotive builders, developer holdings, insurance companies, banking and investment authorities.


Since 2007, A-PRO Attorneys at Law has united lawyers and professionals in the area of criminal law and proceedings. Apart from specializing in basic criminal law, the lawyers at A-PRO Attorneys at Law provide high-quality legal support in all areas of entrepreneurial activities, including for the resolution of economic disputes (arbitration), on issues of anti-crisis management, and mediation.
The quality of our services is guaranteed by our compliance with international occupational standards.


A-PRO Attorneys at Law is ranked among the best legal firms in Russia in the following areas: “Criminal Law and Proceedings”, “Arbitration Proceedings” (according to the Pravo.ru – 300 rating).


● The A-PRO Package Approach: We combine of legal consulting, active communication with the authorities, and relations with mass media and public organizations to exceed client expectations.
● Fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship specifics in the national law environment;
● Prompt generation of optimum solutions to the set tasks;
● Expert knowledge and considerable experience of the team members in all areas of law;
● Wide circle of business contacts.


Our team is the backbone of our success. A-PRO is always looking for ambitious and talented people who want to hone their skills and continue their development in our team of strong professional lawyers.
We ensure the absolute fulfillment of potential for each team member and provide aid in professional development both through in-house training and learning from contracted specialists.
If you wish to become part of our team, send CV to: hr@group-a.pro

HR Department


We guarantee:
● a stable and competitive salary;
● full compliance;
● career prospects;
● bonuses and extras.

Contact phone:
+7 (495) 662-67-86


The founders of A-PRO are professionals in criminal law with significant experience working in law enforcement.
Until 2011, the core specialization of the firm was the criminal defense of clients’ interests. A-PRO represented clients in quite a number of headline-making criminal actions and were involved in the development of legislative drafts pertaining to criminal and administrative law thanks to their expertise.
The next step in the strategy of our firm’s evolution was the provision of qualified legal support to our clients in the most challenging aspects of their entrepreneurial activity. To that effect, leading professionals successful in such areas as resolution of commercial disputes (arbitration), taxes and tax disputes, real estate and construction issues joined our team.

Through the implementation of that strategy, we have gained a solid reputation in the market – that of leading experts profoundly competent in the following areas:

● Criminal law;
● Taxes;
● Resolution of disputes;
● Real estate and construction.

Today, we are consistently developing our strategies in high demand areas such as: Rendering as corporate and anti-monopoly law, banking and insurance, intellectual property rights and goodwill protection. Even now our specialists are in a position to solve the most complicated tasks in those areas.