Criminal Defense



Along with the laws of the state there are laws of conscience, which fill the gaps of legislation. H. Fielding

Tragically, cases of mistaken identity and judicial errors are not at all uncommon in this country. And nobody doubts the wise saying “There is no fence against ill fortune” anymore. A competent criminal justice attorney is always there to protect the rights of their clients, guarding them against making critical mistakes. And should you – or your family – happen to become a person of interest, just remember that (1) you have the right to a defense, and (2) you can select an independent qualified specialist to provide professional legal advice to you.

Criminal defense attorney services

A criminal defense attorney can provide aid and advice in legal matters to a person accused or suspected of a crime under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Do not hesitate to ask questions and look for reviews and opinions because you are not looking for any criminal lawyer but for a high-class specialist capable of protecting your interests and upholding your lawful rights.

“A-Pro” specialists in criminal law provide support to their clients even in the most complicated and delicate situations.

Our specialists will render highly qualified legal aid to clients in the stages of the pre-investigation check, preliminary investigation, and in court, in criminal cases related to economic crimes and crimes against public order and public service, including the following:

● Illegal enterprise;
● Illegal banking activity;
● Legalization (laundering) of money or other assets;
● Fraud;
● Corrupt business practices;
● Abuse of authority in commercial organizations;
● Arrangement of illegal migration;
● Active and passive bribery;
● Abuse of office;
● Negligence.

Attorneys of the firm can correctly judge a situation, work out an adequate line of defense and take weighted decisions. With the support and defense of a professional attorney, the client can feel secure and confident.

The quality of service provided by attorneys of the Firm – members of the International Bar Association are highly appreciated by the business establishment of the European Union.


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