Crisis Management



There is a difference between being poor and being broke. Broke is temporary. Poor is eternal. Robert T. Kiyosaki

In the environment of competitive market economy the bankruptcy is the natural phenomenon that may affect interests of any company. Our approach allows to minimize its negative impact and to protect interests of all parties of the bankruptcy procedure: the debtor, its founders, management, creditors, the arbitration manager.

Worth to note that the bankruptcy is very complicated procedure in Russia. Arbitration managers and lawyers of A-PRO, Attorneys at Law have this experience started back in 1997. Since that time we completed over 150 bankruptcy procedures. Moreover, just in the recent time our lawyers participated in more than 200 court procedures related to bankruptcy cases.

Almost any bankruptcy case that we maintained goes beyond the arbitration procedure. The objectives of any of these projects are:

● Detection and unraveling of schemes used for withdrawal of funds and other assets of the debtor;

● Challenging of suspicious transactions made by the debtor in the pre-bankruptcy state;
● Bringing management and owners of the debtor to joint and other liability;
● Usage of other tailored and nonstandard approaches to counteract to bad faith debtors and to protect interests of parties of the bankruptcy case, which allow to promptly react to any changes in bankruptcy procedures.

Professionals of A-PRO successfully contributed to the legal practice including, but not limited to the following:

● Preparation and filing of the application for declaring the debtor bankrupt;

● Attachment of claims to the registry of creditors’ claims;
● Challenging of claims of bad faith creditors;
● Participation in meetings/committees of creditors;

● Legal and financial analysis of the debtor’s state and opinion on absence of signs of deliberate bankruptcy;
● Inventory taking, appraisal and sale of the property of the debtor;

● Filing to law enforcement bodies the statements concerning crimes committed in bankruptcy procedures.


Valery I. Taratun

LAWYER Valery I. Taratun