Dispute Resolution



A professional argument is war minus the shooting. G. Orwell

Pre-trial resolution of disputes

Most clients, when engaged in an argument, seek support from highly qualified lawyers. Our lawyers are exactly that. At the same time, we give priority to producing the most efficient result for the client, preferring less expensive and more practical solutions to courtroom victories. Therefore, when working with A-Pro, disputes are often solved at the pre-trial settlement stage.

Lawyers dealing with dispute resolution provide support to clients at all stages of negotiations with the counter party to find an optimum way of solving the existing problems. The participation of our lawyers in negotiations with the conflicting parties is a guarantee for the client that the decisions made will be well grounded.

Court proceedings

The lawyers practicing dispute resolution have an extensive experience of representation in the courts of various Russian regions. We are ready to provide highly qualified legal aid in the following kinds of disputes:

Disputes aimed at the protection of title and other real estate property rights:

disputes related to the acquisition of title;
● disputes about vindication of property from illegal possession;
● disputes about remedying an infringement of rights not related to dispossession;
● disputes related to unwarranted construction;
● etc.

Disputes arising from contractual legal relations:

● disputes related to the performance or termination of construction contracts;
● disputes related to the performance or termination of contracts for design and exploration works;
● disputes related to investments in the construction sphere;
● etc.

Corporate disputes:

● disputes related to ownership of stock or share in the charter capital;
● disputes about appealing management decisions of a legal entity;
● disputes about indemnification of a legal entity;
● etc.

Other disputes:

● disputes about deeming contracts void or lost;
● disputes about recovery of debts;
● disputes about indemnification;
● administrative disputes;
● etc.

Enforcement of judicial acts

The lawyers practicing dispute resolution are heavily experienced in providing support in procedures related to the enforcement of judicial acts, including interaction with the Court Bailiffs Service.

In the frameworks of judicial act enforcement we ensure:

● presentation of enforcement orders for execution;
● preparation of documents necessary for judicial act enforcement;
● control over the actions of the court marshal;
● debtor’s asset tracing;
● appealing actions (omission to act) of the court marshal;
● participation in the realization of debtor’s property;
carrying out actions to bring a debtor to responsibility for designed evasion of the performance of an enforcement order;
● etc.

The lawyers practicing dispute resolution have supported many complicated and high profile cases. Among the most recent projects are:

● requisition of property making up the largest in Europe complex of liquid helium production in favor of Gazprom;
● recognition of Gazprom’s property right for the land lot essential for the operation of immovable property facilities by the largest berthing complex of Russia;
● vacation of the land lot owned by Gazprom Transgas Moscow on the leasehold basis;
● representation of Russia’s major jewelry producer (Adamas) in the enforcement proceedings connected with the forced sale of gold;
● collection of monetary funds in favor of WGC-2;
● restoration of corporate control over the production asset;
● representation of major construction companies in disputes arising from construction contracts.


Petr N. Nikitenko

LAWYER Petr N. Nikitenko