There is always a way out. Even from the direst situations, when assets need to be saved, and budgets and forces are exhausted. We are ready to solve this problem and attract a judicial investor. We will share
with our partners the economic and reputational costs of participating in legal conflicts and legal proceedings. We will assess your situation and propose a winning strategy, as well as resources to achieve it.

Contacts us if you need to:

  • Get out of the conflict right now without losses. All costs for the successful completion of the dispute will be borne by us or the attracted investor.
  • Eliminate threats to the company in connection with participation in legal conflicts. Resolution of the conflict will give an increase in value without additional credit burden.
  • Return the investment at the expense of the increased value of an asset or a share therein in case of success. Parameters of success are specified in detail, and the agreements are strictly observed.

We commit ourselves to honestly cooperate with partners. We analyse your legal needs and provide access to convenient models of legal aid financing. The key goal is to achieve the result, financial effectiveness of the proposed legal solutions and confidentiality compliance.

You can get financing of legal costs if:

  • Your project is of some value. In this case, factors such as the project significance for society, the significance for development of the legal system as a whole or the economic value of the project in the amount of not less than 100 million roubles are taken into account.
  • You are ready for an open, honest dialogue and disclosure of all the details. We do not participate in questionable transactions or transactions that are contrary to lawyer ethics, including those leading to a conflict of interests between our clients. We report a conflict of interest and take measures to prevent it at the earliest stages of project assessment.

We are not limited to the industry affiliation of companies, the place of their registration and the geography of the conflict that has arisen.

We perform an assessment of the project’s prospects and interaction with investors in a timely manner.

The deadline for making a decision on the project you have applied with is usually not more than two weeks.

Get access to legal proceedings financing for protection of your interests.


If your project is small, but you are short of resources for legal proceedings or recovery you can:

  • Delegate control of accounts receivable in exchange for a share in future collection
  • Obtain an assessment of the prospects for initiating, maintaining and completing resource-intensive economic disputes and bankruptcies, including transboundary ones
  • Attract external financing of legal costs for a particular process at any stage – from payment of state duty to reimbursement of expenses for lawyers, specialists and experts
  • Search for assets of the debtor, having paid for it by the results of collection
  • Get a guarantee of payment for legal services only in case of a positive result
  • Expedite satisfying claims against the debtor or profitably sell them.