The global economy is becoming digital. Many technologies are so revolutionary that legal regulation can’t keep up. Our task is to provide legal support for innovative business in the conditions of conservative legislation.

If the words “blockchain”, “cryptocurrency”, “token”, “ICO”, “fiat money” are not mere words but business to you, we offer you special legal support:

  • whitepaper analysis for legal, administrative and financial risks
  • legal support of ICO and ITO
  • coding of smart contracts in cooperation with the best IT professionals
  • development of internal regulatory documents for the implementation of blockchain technologies
  • interaction with government bodies when launching IT projects
  • administrative and legal defence of business against claims of regulators

This is a very incomplete list of services we are ready to offer to:

  • a start-up
  • a business that attracts “digital” financing
  • a company that wants to implement a blockchain to enter a new technological level

As a member of the Russian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (RACIB), we take an active part in the process of law-making and contribute to the modernization of legislation, taking into account the technological breakthroughs of today.