Tax Practice

Адвокатское бюро Адвокат Про


“You cannot even notice that you are doing good. But the tax office will remind you.” / Pierre Daninos /

Regular changes of tax laws and trends of state policy often result in disputes with tax authorities. Should the conflict situation arise, professionals of A-PRO would be ready to perform legal defense of the clients in the following areas:


● Evaluation of the client’s tax risks;
● Preparation of the roadmap upon receipt of the tax authority’s decision on commencement of the tax audit;
● Advice concerning interaction with tax officials, including matters of provision of documents or explanations;
● Analysis of tax authorities’ requests;
● Analysis and evaluation of documents prepared upon request of tax authorities;
● Support of the clients in the course of procedural actions of tax authorities (seizure of documents, examination of staff); 
● Legal evaluation of perspectives of the tax dispute resolution.


● Legal analysis of tax audit materials;
● Preparation of objections against the tax audit act;
● Representation of the client’s interests in the course of consideration of tax audit materials in the tax authority;
● Appeal against the tax authority’s decision in the higher tax authorities;
● Representation of the client’s interests in the higher tax authorities.


● Planning and development of the strategy of the tax litigation;
● Collection and formalization of required evidence;
● Preparation and submission of procedural documents;
● Preparation of documents for obtaining of injunctive relief;
● Representation of the client’s interests in the court hearings;
● Appeal of court acts in the higher court instances;
● Representation of the client’s interests at the stage of enforcement of the court decision;
● Initiation of procedures of refund from the state budget of excessively paid/collected tax payments.

Our professionals have more than 15-year experience of advice and representation of interests of Russian and international businesses, including cross-border projects. We tailor our services to the specifics of our clients’ business, as well as various general business, industry and political aspects.


Dmitry S. Kirillov