High profit is impossible without risk. The biggest risk is losing your freedom. The head makes a lot of decisions and always bears responsibility. Initiation of a criminal case, an accusation, a verdict is an ordinary way to a criminal liability. How can you avoid it? Apply to A-PRO Attorneys at Law, whose effectiveness in the field of criminal law and procedure is recognized by major businesses.

We defend our clients in cases of economic crimes and white-collar crimes. For more than 10 years we have coped with a lot of the most difficult and potentially lost-cause cases.

Our achievements are confirmed by Pravo-300, the main Russian ranking of law firms. A-PRO was repeatedly recognized as the best bureau in the field of criminal law and procedure in Russia.

Effective defence of our clients in the field of white-collar crimes is based on the professionalism, intelligence and rich experience of A-PRO lawyers in different branches of law, excellent knowledge of economics and fiscal accounting.

What does the professionalism and experience of A-PRO lawyers give to the client? Comprehensive risk assessment, systematic approach, working-out of non-linear scenarios for the development of the situation and alternative solutions to problems.

Each client has his own story. Each story has its own details.
For a good story you need special lawyers.

The main ethos of A-PRO is: to solve each task you need unique legal solutions.
We choose an active attack instead of justification. Aggressive behaviour of the other party is a good reason to launch an attack and take a dominant position.

The A-PRO team employs experts and multi-discipline specialists who conduct comprehensive legal investigations and gather convincing evidence in our client’s interests.

Thanks to modern business technologies implemented in the daily life of A-PRO, clients can monitor the progress of a project in the real time.

Our experts conduct a free corporate training to employees of all levels on the topic: «How to behave if people with a search warrant came to you?»

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We are helpful in the following situations:

  • economic dispute passes into a criminal case
  • raider seizure of business
  • the criminal prosecution of the owner (head) of the company is starting
  • business becomes an object of interest of law enforcement agencies
  • an official faces a provocation or a slander
  • owners want to audit their business
  • counterparty is unfair